DigiGlobal TV Network is a turnkey pay per view platform.  Designed for the indie content producer, but packed with all the distribution, analytics and monetizing tools needed to rapidly grow.  Not only these tools but a true technical support team supported by real people. So what do you get 1. Digi Global Tv App is Light so load time is short. 2. Turn Key so your up and running in a matter of days. More Information

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Pay Per View Sales & Subscription Example:Trainers,  Movie Producers, or tutoring class a group of students is a breeze.  We do the heavy lifting you produce the content.  We use a third party payment gateway, so no need to wait before your paid.  20% of the total payment is held in the event of charge backs.  If no charge backs you receive the remaining balance within 3/5 days either weekdays or weekends you can cash out.

❖ Let’s say 100 tickets are sold in one week for $9.99.

❖ 100 ticket sales would equal $999.99,thus creating a new revenue stream for you. More Information