Vision Cube Media is a DigiGlobal TV project, designed with the indie content producer in mind.  Portable, Light, Turn Key, Ad Server, Go Live, Make your movie or training pay per view.  This allows the indie producer to distribute they’re digital video production and physical merchandise directly to the end user via your personal channel.

Its Turn Key so you can be up and running in a matter of days. We help you manage, monetize and distribute your content to the world. Only pay your setup fee and we host, encrypt and distribute your content to your client directly.  You control 80% of your ticket cost we keep 20%.  The 20% covers your hosting, maintenance and distribution fees.



The example below gives an idea of a sporting event, where the cost of the tickets are $9.99 USD. 

❖ Let’s say 100 tickets are sold over a period of one and a half of months. 

❖ The total sales made on tickets would be $999.99.00 USD., 

❖ DigiGlobal Tv Network would receive 10/15% of all items sold through the DigiGlobal TV distribution pipeline.. 

❖ The network per ticket profit for management and Distribution and distribution would be $1.99 or $2.49 dependent on final agreement before invoice is issued. ❖ The Vendor / Client would receive the remaining balance. 

❖ Ticket sales are collected by the third party company Because of this we can make payments to clients/Vendors instantly or latest 24 hours. ❖ Client Vendor can also request a weekly csv file with payout for tax purposes. 



Advertising-based revenue model, also known as indirect monetization, means that you derive most or all of your business‘s revenue from paying advertisers. On the Internet, businesses typically operate under the ad-revenue model or a subscription-based model, where revenue comes directly from the buyer or ad seller. 

With direct ad monetization you get paid from companies like Google, Yahoo, Verizon, and many more.. Businesses like yourself pay these companies to market their product or service. Google then sells the contracts to online user platform like a website and video platforms. 

Payment structure here is all dependent on the number of impressions you get from the day you begin driving traffic to the DigiGlobal TV SUB Channel or your personal platform. We always advise our clients to make sure they tell their physical attendees to inform family and friends to support which brings in the family support. 

❖ In Web advertising, the term impression is sometimes used as a synonym for view , as in ad view. ❖ A single Web page can contain multiple ads (depending on its design) Up to 3 Ads can be place on Web page. ❖ A single Video player can contain 1 ad every ten minute either the same ad or multiple. ❖ An impression is the display of an ad to a user while viewing a web page. A single web page may contain multiple ads. In such cases, a single page view would result in one impression for each ad displayed.